C-me Colour Profiling

Enabling you to get the very best from yourself, your team and the world around you.

Development that Comes to Life

We are extremely proud to be able to provide the fantastic C-me Colour Profiling and 360 Feedback development tools. 

These tools allow you to not only discover how to get the best from yourself, but also your team and those you interact with every day. Focussing on preferred behaviour rather than personality, both tools provide extremely valuable insights, enabling you to communicate more effectively, develop better relationships, achieve more sales and build more engaged, productive and high performing teams. Most crucially, they enable you to excel at what comes naturally.

Uncannily Accurate

Underpinned by years of research, development work and practical learning, C-me is easy to understand, very memorable and uses the colourful language of Red, Yellow, Green and Blue to bring the insights to life. C-me is also extremely adaptable, and when used in conjunction with our other services, either in a team workshop setting, or on a one-to-one coaching basis, it will always meet your specific needs and requirements.

What Makes C-me Different?

  • C-me focuses on behaviour rather than personality.
  • C-me is both extremely visual and highly memorable, enabling easy comparison between team members.
  • C-me is a non-binary tool and does not put people in a box, meaning no set of results will be the same.
  • C-me is very cost effective when compared to other profiling tools.
  • C-me enables you to understand your value to your team.
  • C-me enables you to understand your authentic and real leadership behaviours.
  • C-me enables you to understand how you best fit your role.
c me colour profiling

The C-me Colour Profiling development tools will help you and your organisation improve in many areas, particularly those that matter the most. 

In particular, they will enable you to have amazing internal communication, resulting in a thriving company culture that’s built on real understanding. The tools will also enable you to acquire a greater understanding of yourself, your people, your strengths and how to harness natural abilities so that you have consistently high-performing teams, resulting in more sales and more productive and successful engagements with colleagues, clients, suppliers and partners.