Training and Development

World class learning experiences that truly come to life and can be applied back in your world so that you get the results you need.

Training and Development That Really Works!

Based on over 20 years of our own research, experience and helping many people and businesses get the results they need, we believe that both personal and professional success has its foundations in amazing communication and fabulous interactions.

Whoever you are, be it a leader, manager, sales person, retailer, marketer, office or factory worker, part of a team or a business or organisation, we all have one crucial thing in common. The need to interact and communicate. And the difference between those that succeed and those that don’t? Simple. It’s the ability to communicate and interact absolutely brilliantly.

So whether you are interacting with colleagues, customers or associates, or you want to improve self-talk resulting in a better mindset, we will work with you to find out what you need to improve and facilitate a journey of learning that you can apply to your situation, in your world, so that you can see, say and do things differently and have the impact you need.

Developing Leaders and Managers

From developing new leaders and managers, to working with those who already have experience so that they can develop even further, we will help you to acquire and apply the knowledge and skills that will enable you to succeed. Starting with being able to articulate and drive an inspiring vision, through to connecting with and engaging your people so that you can drive performance and improvement, we have the tools, techniques and experience to help you be and communicate as the leader or manager that you need and want to be.

Examples of Our Leadership and Management Development Masterclasses

Creating and Communicating a Vision of Purpose

Coaching for Leaders

Maximum Mindset for Leaders

Leading and Managing Change

Emotional Intelligence for Leaders

Communicating with Impact

Courageous Conversations

Managing and Leading Projects

Leading Remote Teams 

Leading High Performance Teams

Performance Management

Recruitment and Selection

Onboarding for Success

Mate to Manager

Our Approach to Developing Leaders and Managers

In addition to our masterclasses, we can also design and deliver a dedicated Leadership or Management development programme that will specifically meet the needs of your leaders, managers, business or organisation. 

Either using a combination of our masterclasses or a programme that has been designed specifically for you, our programmes can develop all levels of leaders and managers from aspiring and new managers and leaders through to experienced and senior leaders. 

Regardless of the approach you choose, all our masterclasses and development programmes will utilise both our 4D and Steps to Success strategies so that you can be sure that your leaders and managers will receive not only the right training and development, but also training and development that works and will result in your business or organisation getting the results you need.

Not only this, but we can also incorporate the C-me Colour Profiling development tool, supported with one to one coaching, into any programme. This will ensure that the learning not only comes to life, but also results in real change and real improvement being realised so that your leaders and managers evolve and not just become better at what they do, they become brilliant at what they do.

Examples of Our Leadership and Management Development Programmes 

Moving up to Management (For Aspiring Managers)

Authentic Leadership (For New Leaders)

Management Fundamentals (For New Managers)

Leading to Success (For Experienced and Senior Leaders)


Developing People

We all have the capacity and potential to improve and be even better at what we do. And when that happens, here at Living Your Learning, we believe that we evolve into a better version of ourselves that achieves the right results, in the right way. And this is all grounded in the tenets of amazing communication, because we believe that this is the key to success and absolutely everything we do. 

Examples of Our Personal and Professional Development Masterclasses

Maximise Your Mindset

Personal Values and Purpose

Communicating with Impact

Exceptional Customer Service

Successful Selling 

Negotiation Skills

Assertiveness Skills

Emotional Intelligence

Presenting with Impact 

Digital Marketing Fundamentals

Social Media Marketing Fundamentals

Business Writing Skills

Our Approach to Developing People

As well as delivering these masterclasses as standalone courses, we can also design and deliver a development programme around a specific theme or requirement for a group of people or staff. Perhaps you need to improve communication, behaviours and people skills within your business or organisation? Maybe you need to develop and improve mindset or resilience or even connect with your customers in a more effective way? 

Whatever the requirement, we can ensure that you get a programme that you, your business, your organisation and your staff actually need. Our programmes can also include and utilise Action Learning Sets or group coaching that will really bring the learning to life and ensure that it is being applied and embedded. 

Not only this, but all our masterclasses and programmes for developing people will use our 4D and Steps to Success strategies so that you can be sure that your people will receive training and development that works and will result in your business or organisation getting the results you need.

Examples of Our Personal and Professional Development Programmes

Customer Engagement

Courageous Communication

Perfect People Skills

Maximising Professional Performance

Developing Teams

Whilst our individual attitudes and abilities are crucial to our own success, we can’t do everything on our own. In today’s world and in the the vast majority of businesses and organisations, we are also often part of a wider team. And if that team can’t communicate amazingly, it doesn’t pull together for each other, in the same direction and for the same cause, meaning it is practically impossible to succeed. And if the team doesn’t succeed, individuals will not succeed, so here at Living Your Learning, we will work with you to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Examples of Our Developing Teams Masterclasses

Developing Team Performance

Teams Values and Purpose

Maximising Team Mindset

Our Approach to Developing Teams

In addition to these masterclasses, we can also deliver a bespoke team development programme that is designed to meet the specific needs of both your teams and also your business or organisation. Also using our unique 4D and Steps to Success strategies, these programmes can also include and make use of the C-me Colour Profiling development tool, which when supported by individual or group coaching, is an is extremely effective way of building and developing teams. This will also enable you to not only develop, but also sustain a high performing team that truly makes a difference, communicates brilliantly and succeeds for each other and a purpose and cause that they all passionately believe in.

Examples of Our Team Development Programmes

Being a High Performing Team

Developing People Developers

Developing the people who develop others is absolutely crucial. And because these people undertake such important roles, it is vital that this development is the right and embeds the very best, skills, attitudes, communication and behaviours. And being experts in both learning and people development, we are perfectly suited to provide the very best development to the people who have such a big impact on the success of others.

Examples of Our People Developers Masterclasses

Coach the Coach

Mastering Mentoring

Train the Trainer

Effective Learning Design

Evaluating Learning Value

Our Approach to Developing People Developers

As with all our masterclasses and programmes, these will also follow our unique 4D and Steps to Success strategies so that you can be absolutely certain that anyone completing them will come away with the best skills, attitude and behaviours to perform their people development roles. We can also, if required, design and deliver a specific development programme that will ensure the needs of your people, team, business or organisation are not only met, but also surpassed.

Examples of Our People Developers Programmes

Training Delivery and Facilitation

Coaching and Mentoring

Design and Evaluate Learning of Value